NOBLE ONE __ (trio)

from the cd 'Dont Wake the Kids' recorded 1997 re-released Crumblehead Records 2007


I was running a jazz program in Chicago and had the good fortune to play fairly regularly with alto saxophonist Richie Cole, who was a frequent guest of the club. He was planning to do a new cd and suggested that I write some tunes for it. So I wrote 2 songs with his sound in mind . 'Noble One' , and 'The Face of God'. Both of these songs became critical to the success of 'Don't Wake the Kids' but they never made his cd. I believe the reasons were that by the time I finished writng the tunes he had a firm grip on what he wanted to accomplish on his cd. Anyhow, my trio played behind a different guest each nite of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Rusty Jones was the drummer for all three nights. The great bassist Pawel Jarzebski was our thursday night bassman. Fridays was chicago bassist Brian Sandstrom, and Saturday nite we had Dan Shapera. Although, all of the above bassists brought something wonderful to the table, there was a very unique sound when Pawel , Rusty and I played together. It so happened that we were the first to play these tunes that I wrote for Richie, so I began to write the rest of the material around our trio for the recording. And the rest is history. Rusty, who is a chicago legend , plays some of the finest brushes on this cd that you will hear anywhere. And Pawel is a without a doubt singular in his approach to a bass and his ability to play melodically no matter how outside you would like to get. Everyone in the trio has a special voice and makes an important contribution to the cd. Both Pawel and Rusty have a special ability to bring out the essence of these extremely difficult compositions to make them sound accessable. It was alot of fun to play with them. Hope you enjoy it.

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