Polkadots and Moonbeams (10:36) __ (trio)

from cd 'Live @ Delaney & Murphy's'recorded January 5, 2005 released 2007


(recorded 2005 released 2007)

From the cd -- 'LIVE @ DELANEY & MURPHY"S' --- This is the result of a intimate regular jazz gig at 'Delaney & Murphy's' in Chicago. The program revolved around a set band that featured new and different guests each week. And although not on this recording, I was using Adam Kraus on bass, who is a fine young and talented bassist in Chicago whom I hope you will hear more about in years to come. Robert Shy, famed chicago drummer and my friend, is on this recording and was our regular drummer. Also,not on this recording, we had a fine horn man in Dave Hibbard . The plan was to do a trio recording in January and then few weeks later do a recording that featured some of our other musician friends, including Adam and Dave. However , a week after we recorded this cd, I got news that the hotel was to be sold in March. So the plans of mice and men thing... The setting for this recording was not ideal. The piano was rough and the layout of the room was awkward . What you might conclude... a typical jazz gig. However, therein lies much of the charm in playing these events.....go figure. I wanted to promote the room, but I didn't want to spend alot of money doing it. So, as you can hear, this is not studio quality sound. My friend Barry Winograd (DJ extraordinair WDCB 90.9 --10am till 2pm monday thru Fridy) was kind enough to run sound for us, and did a fine job , especially considering he saw the recording equipment for the first time 20 minutes before downbeat. However, the recording does seem to document my Chicago experience. The ambience of the stereotypical smokey jazz club. Ironically , shortly after we recorded this cd, the hotel was sold and a waterpark replaced the club as an attraction. Nevertheless, what to do with the recording ? And this is the reason that it was recorded in 2005 , but not released until 2007. It's not the best I ever played and it's not the worst. It's a nice memory , for those of us who were there, and if you're not from Chicago you can get an idea of what we do here. Everybody in the audience is listed in the insert of the CD. On January 5, 2005 our special guest was Larry Gray , a very well known and accomplished bassist from the chicago area. Larry has played with everybody and is very active nationally. Robert Shy, our regular drummer has also played with everybody and actually the two of them have musical history together. I believe this was the first night I ever played jazz with Larry. I remember doing a cocktail party with him about 1992, but that was the last time we were on stage together. I say this to bring to light what a fine bassist he is , as you can hear him adjust constantly to my ideas. We went on stage with no playlist or music and had some fun with the record button on. Hope you like it.

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