The Thought _ from cd 'Don't Wake The Kids' 2007

Solo Piano


I was running a different jazz program by the time we finished recording 'Dont Wake the Kids'. It was at a club called the Chicago Blue note ( which later became Beale Street Blues Cafe), where my trio opened for Maynard Ferguson, G.E. Smith from Saturday night Live, Maria Muldere, and tons of famous blues greats. I already knew that I wanted the cd to be largely solo piano as well as trio, so I wrote 'The Thought'. The night before I recorded this song, our special guest for the evening was the great Ira Sullivan and after the gig I hung out very late with the guys. It's always an honor to play with Ira, but the hang later is almost as much fun. And although Ira is young at heart, he's been there since Charlie Parker and you're hangin with history. So when recording time came the next day, I was concerned that I might not live up to the task at hand because I was so sleepy. However, I was quite pleased with the results. So much so, that if I remember correctly, I only did one take and this is it. The beginning of this cut is stream of conciousness. In fact , the intro piano cuts that I did were also done that day with equal acceptability. Those intro cuts , by the way, are all stream of conciousness, nothing planned, and out of four takes I used my two favorites. I remember being very much in touch with the great Southport Studio piano that day. There was a wonderful peaceful feeling in the air and I felt that the piano was playing itself. In the photo section of this website is a photo of Ira and me at a resturaunt on a hang after a different gig.(photo by Bill Klewitz)

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