Met many wonderful people from all over the world here. Performed for Dave Brubeck, Mayor Rohm Emanuel,               actor William H. Macy and more.








Scott Earl Holman Trio  /  Rob Amster and Paul Wertico

with Brian Sandstrom and Rusty Jones

Scott Earl Holman organ trio with John Moulder and Rick Shandling

Scott Earl Holman Trio w / Rich Corpolongo and Robert Shy

Andy's owner Chris Chisholm






Scott Earl Holman Trio 

Larry Gray bass

Paul Wertico drums



Scott Earl Holman Trio w / Eric Hochberg and Paul Wertico







 Scott Earl Holman Trio 

Rob Amster and Paul Wertico

with Larry Gray and Rick Shandling


Great lower level jazz club with special entrance 

 going down stairs to club with warm ambiance 

 and awesome piano ! 

 Thank you owner Tom Verhey  !






Scott Earl Holman Quartet

with   Ira Sullivan

Jim Holman and Rick Shandling


with John Moulder, Jim Holman,

Marlene Rosenberg and Rick Shandling







2 years with different guests every week

& live recording 2005

with Larry Gray and Robert Shy





where the Scott Earl Holman Trio opened for

Maynard Ferguson

Leon Russell 

Maria Mauldere

and many others





with jazz legend Ira Sullivan,  Pawel Jarzebski and Rusty Jones

with Richie Cole

with Von 'Vonksi'  Freeman

with Lyn Halliday


 and many many others




This was my home for 2 wonderful years !

Top floor of Doral, overlooking the ocean, and 360 degree view of miami beach and the ocean. Two wonderful years watching the sunset as I performed for an audience from all around the world. The reason for my second album ' Language of the Heart ' sung in Italian, Spanish and English.




Scott Earl Holman Trio  @  Hemmingways

Earl Fatha Hines, Lionel Hampton, Buddy Rich, Freddie Cole

just some of the notable musicians who 

played at the 'Hemmingways'


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Scott Earl Holman: Don

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