Jazz For The Next Century  





               'Jazz Dimensions '            Carina Prange  

 " .... Holman is a master of the small, fine tones....This album is an exceptional, subtle work." 







              BLU FM 89.1        Barry O'Sullivan

   " This music is just plain beautiful! I was so pleasantly surprised by this album, with its haunting gentle melodies ,superb musicanship and composition that I have featured several tracks from it on my national jazz program which is broadcast weekly across Australia via the Community Radio Network to over 120 stations. I loved the piano of Scott Earl Holman and the subtle techniques that he and the percussion player (Rusty Jones) employ throughout the album."Noble One " is a favourite as is "The Smile" but I love the whole album, each and every track! I will continue to feature tracks from this little gem forever on the program.... Barry O'Sullivan Producer/Presenter of "A Jazz Hour" 








        " Hmm.... As a jazz pianist myself, I can appreciate this cd very much. Its originality is out-the-roof. Scott is top-notch and world-class, maybe even in a class by himself. .... I can appreciate this and listen to it a lot. I personally love it...  and have now played several on "Jazz World"








               JazzXpress Community Radio BayFM 99.9     Helen Simons

' DON'T WAKE THE KIDS '    A small masterpiece waiting to be discovered. Scott Earl Holman touches every key with pure magic. This is one album to be cherished. 



"......these musicians are risk takers. So hang on and take the ride!  Another gem from Scott Earl Holman. "








          Wawatay Radio    George Witham Wawatay Radio Timmins 

"... Very dark, mellow and warm. Yet lively, positive and refreshing. ME LIKES ! ..... I love working out to this stuff too man. I have this on our radio station playing in the morning 5-9 AM and after hours  "





                              Colombia  ( Bucaramanga ) 


                 96.9 FM   Carlos Mantilla JAZZ CLUB  

                           " ... an excellent handling of the time and of the space and great melodic invention .... It is interesting to appreciate as it intertwines and develops..." 








             '  Jazz Podium '           Dr.Tobias Böcker  

 ..... "This is jazz for the next century" and is carried in no way presumptuously – the deep authenticity of the music wipes every suspicion relating to this aside....." 








             WBEZ 91.5                   LARRY SMITH  

 " .....  performing with dramatic tension of time and space of Ahmad Jamal, coupled with the strength and provocative ideas of Mcoy Tyner and voicings that tend to rival Bill Evans, Holman displays great melodic invention from start to finish......... this magnificent work of art."







             WDCB 90.9             MARSHALL VENTE        

 " Scott Earl Holman is a fine modern jazz pianist......There is a great subtly here, excellent use of the tools of music: expression, dynamics and most of all, a personal identity. I played this CD for three days continuously ...This is modern music, with all hands on deck ..."







            RADIO PLURIEL 91.5            Jacques Perrichon    

" ... such a nice album I really enjoyed. I already added it to my WJAZ broadcast playlist on RADIO PLURIEL 91.5FM in France, plus worldwide INTERNET via our web site, http://www.radiopluriel.fr also on the WJAZ blog... also: http://wjaz.musicblog.fr/ Kind regards, Jacques Perrichon for WJAZ.  






                            ' Music For America '


                           John Book

  ".....in his playing, one definitely hears the delicate touches of Ahmad Jamal and McCoy Tyner. .... There is a lot of power shared between the three, as they communicate with each other to create this masterpiece.......and I would love to see this song covered by other musicians on their instrument of choice, just to be able to continue the dialogue,..."








            Radio Judaica            Ilan Oz

......." I am now listening again, for the third time. I find this album OUTSTANDING! ------------








                    BRTO Radio           Alex Pijnen  

"...... Fantastic Album. Great stuff for our Radio Station ---------------







                    Radio ARA                  Pascal Dorban

 "...... Beautiful original melodies are displayed by pianist Scott Earl Holman both in solo or trio. This well inspired musician ....."












               Radio X                Robert Lochmann  DJ Jazzmadass

"....this beautiful, funny and highly recommendable album. I presented it in my recent radioshow and here is the playlist....."








        Wawatay Radio  Native Communications     George Witham Timmins

 "... Very dark, mellow and warm. Yet lively, positive and refreshing. ME LIKES ! ..... I love working out to this stuff too man. I have this on our radio station playing in the morning 5-9 AM and after hours  "








               Jacques Emond           Jazzart Productions

"....  will certainly play it again often....and I  think that the name Scott Earl Holman is a name to remember."








          Radio Campus            Claude Colpaert      

"Noble One"  on the air in my program "jazz à l'âme", radio campus north of france (www.campuslille.com)





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