GEORGE HARRIS_   ALL ABOUT JAZZ ...(Oct.2007 Vol. 5 No.9 If your idea of jazz heaven is 'Now He Sings and Now He Sobs' or 60's Herbie Hancock , Scott Earl Holman will guide you to the pearly gates.Fronting a classic piano trio for his latest release ,'Don't Wake the Kids', with Pawel Jarzebski on bass and Rusty Jones on drums, Holman has put together a fresh and refreshing collection of music that is dedicated to God. Don't expect a dusty old collection of hymns ,however. Selections like the haunting "the Lord's Cause" is reflective, somber and meditative in a way that will draw you into the inner sanctum of music. "The Thought" displays Holman's glassy and glistening touch on the piano, with ruminating chords that are a perfect mix of spontaneity and structure. The band works as a cohesive whole featuring clever usage of dissonance as a tempting accent instead of an overwhelming full meal. All of the titles are origionals with "Marching In His Band" being an excellent display of creative output, gently mixing Bill Evans-like harmonics with gentle military rythms. This music puts truth behind the wisdom for all things that have breath to praise the Lord. If you feel overwhelmed by the shallowness of most music, 'Don't Wake the Kids' will get you in a mood to reflect on the value of focusing on the Almighty.” - GEORGE HARRIS

— ALL ABOUT JAZZ ...(Oct.2007 Vol. 5 No.9

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chicago chop house

chicago chop house, 60 west ontario, chicago, il

Chicago Chop House 5pm - 8 pm

Jazz Solo Piano


chicago chop house

chicago chop house, 60 west grand, chicago, il

Chicago Chop HouseChicago Chop House 5pm - 8pm

Jazz Solo Piano





Chicago Chop House

Chicago Chop House, 60 W. Ontario, Chicago, Il.

Chicago Chop House


5pm - 8 pm

no cover


EASTER features Ira Sullivan and Paul Wertico

Christmas CD features Ira Sulivan & Paul Wertico

Scott Earl Holman Group: He Will Be Immanuel