New CD _ 'Faith and Works'

(Mid June Release) This is a great CD that was recorded in 3 hours of trio Dec.3, '08. I'm very happy to be joined by 7 time grammy award winner Paul Wertico on drums and world renowned bassist Larry Gray. We played together for the first time as a trio without a rehearsal and it sounds like we've be playing together for years.If you are a drummer or a bass player there is alot to sink your teeth into on these trio takes. Larry is on 'Live @ Delaney & Murphy's' with me. And I played with Paul before, but never the three of us.The piano streams (spontaneous compositions)were laid down about an hour before Paul & Larry got to the studio. We actually hit our first note about 9:50 pm and were done at 1am. I decided to add some synth strings to the trio ballad and that delayed the release somewhat. Once again Steve Yates Recording Studio , great sound.

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