MARSHALL VENTE _ Jazz DJ WDCB 90.9 (chicago) _  Scott Earl Holman is a fine modern jazz pianist, there is hardly a night that passes without his presence somewhere in the Chicago club scene. He is always "out there" playing into the heart of someone. On this ambitious release Scott abandons the club date repertoire and concentrates on all original music, a very courageous move that makes things difficult in the world of commercial jazz airplay but elevates him to the ranks of serious musician that play and compose equally well. To paraphrase Duke, there is no musician more serious than a jazz musician. Scott's compositions are strong and all have something to say, a little story to tell. There is a great subtly here, excellent use of the tools of music: expression, dynamics and most of all, a personal identity. I played this CD for three days continuously to hear the real Scott Holman! Joining Scott is the razor sharp rhythm team of bassist, Pawel Jarzebski and drummer, Rusty Jones. Not only are these guys great players, the trio plays as one. This is modern music, with all hands on deck contributing to the lyricism of the tunes, while covering their traditional roles. As always, the Southport Baldwin concert grand is majestic here, an overall fine recording engineered by Joanie Pallatto. There are fine liner notes too, by Larry Smith. Despite the title, we need to wake the kids ... and everyone else too; it's time to listen to Scott Earl Holman!” - Marshall Vente

— Jazz Institute of Chicago

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chicago chop house

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Chicago Chop HouseChicago Chop House 5pm - 8pm

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Chicago Chop House

Chicago Chop House, 60 W. Ontario, Chicago, Il.

Chicago Chop House


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