'DONT WAKE THE KIDS' A successful musical letter. This one is an album with a theme, touching on his spirituality or as the liner notes indicate, the album could be a tone poem, a jazz mass, or an Ode to God. Hearing Holman perform his own material is a dramatic shift from playing covers, as he gets to branch off with a bit more freedom as he expresses himself on territory unknown. There's a lot of openness and space in his playing, one definitely hears the delicate touches of Ahmad Jamal and McCoy Tyner. He brings on the blues with "His Children Dance", and one can almost picture an open field with kids just grooving to his playing and life itself. The trio is different for this recording, as he features Rusty Jones on drums and Pawel Jarzebski on bass. There is a lot of power shared between the three, as they communicate with each other to create this masterpiece, but Holman also speaks to a higher power, which is very evident in "The Face Of God". Again, while I'm not religious, you can sense the feeling and warmth of the piece, and I would love to see this song covered by other musicians on their instrument of choice, just to be able to continue the dialogue, if you will. You almost can feel Holman lifting his hands away from the piano after the final note, as if to say "thank you". click link below to visit MFA” - John Book

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chicago chop house

chicago chop house, 60 west ontario, chicago, il

Chicago Chop House 5pm - 8 pm

Jazz Solo Piano


chicago chop house

chicago chop house, 60 west grand, chicago, il

Chicago Chop HouseChicago Chop House 5pm - 8pm

Jazz Solo Piano





Chicago Chop House

Chicago Chop House, 60 W. Ontario, Chicago, Il.

Chicago Chop House


5pm - 8 pm

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EASTER features Ira Sullivan and Paul Wertico

Christmas CD features Ira Sulivan & Paul Wertico

Scott Earl Holman Group: He Will Be Immanuel