Media name: Barry O'Sullivan Company name: BLU FM 89.1 Date: 2007-07-21 Feedback: This music is just plain beautiful! I was so pleasantly surprised by this album, with its haunting gentle melodies ,superb musicanship and composition that I have featured several tracks from it on my national jazz program which is broadcast weekly across Australia via the Community Radio Network to over 120 stations. I loved the piano of Scott Earl Holman and the subtle techniques that he and the percussion player (Rusty Jones) employ throughout the album."Noble One " is a favourite as is "The Smile" but I love the whole album, each and every track! I will continue to feature tracks from this little gem forever on the program. Thank you for this beautiful gift. It definitely won't wake the kids. Barry O'Sullivan Producer/Presenter of "A Jazz Hour" -------------------- Ilan Oz Radio Judaica , Brussels....... June 24, 2007 Re: Dont Wake the Kids I am now listening again, for the third time. I find this album OUTSTANDING! ------------ Alex Pijnen BRTO Radio , Netherlands....... Fantastic Album. Great stuff for our Radio Station --------------- Pascal Dorban Radio ARA , Luxembourg ...... Beautiful original melodies are displayed by pianist Scott Earl Holman both in solo or trio. This well inspired musician has created a spiritual atmosphere which is perfectly well rendered in this recording. ...Pascal Dorban '' programme Radio ARA, Luxembourg -------- Media name: schroeder Company name: CHCR Canadian Homegrown Community Radio Date: 2007-10-12 Feedback: Hmm.... As a jazz pianist myself, I can appreciate this cd very much. Its originality is out-the-roof. Scott is top-notch and world-class, maybe even in a class by himself. .... I can appreciate this and listen to it a lot. I personally love it. --------- Tony Wickham Company name: Radio Maldwyn Date: 2007-10-06 12:29:35 Feedback: I love the cover pic (!) and I love the music too. I appreciate the linking theme for the tracks, and have now played several on "Jazz World" TONY WICKHAM RADIO MALDWYN, UK ---- Media name: Ken Irwin Company name: WMUA Date: 2007-08-27 "Don't Wake The Kids" was added to WMUA'a playlist in July and will remain in the new music rotation until October when it will be added to our permanent jazz library. Ken Irwin Jazz Music Director - WMUA ----- Media name: Carlos Mantilla Company name: Universidad Industrial de Santander Date: 2007-08-13 Feedback: Without seeking to say that it is a conceptual album "don't wake the kids" maintains thematic unit. Averagely, this album could be heard same that a mass but in jazz time. The music played by Scott Earl Holman's trio, suggests much of the gender cool tendency. It also supposes dramatism, an excellent handling of the time and of the space and great melodic invention around the topics that compose the disk. It is interesting to appreciate as it intertwines and develops almost consequently and we can to read it in the way that Holman seems to suggest it: "The Lord's causes is to Noble One and His Children it dances at the thought of marching in his band waiting to see the smile on the face of God." Carlos Mantilla JAZZ CLUB 96.9 FM Bucaramanga, Colombia ------------ Media name: D. Oscar Groomes Company name: O's Place Jazz Magazine Date: 2007-08- Feedback: Scott Earl Holman - Don’t Wake The Kids " This is a large trio led by pianist and writer Holman. Pawel Jarzebski (b) and Rusty Jones (d) combine notes with Scott to produce a larger than expected sound. Pawel leads the way into "Noble One" with an excellent solo. We liked the cool pace of "His Children Dance". "The Thought" is one of two solos that are calm and thought provoking. They contrast with the upbeat and eclectic sounds of "The Smile". The sound is excellent, enhancing a good performance. -- D. Oscar Groomes O's Place Jazz Newsletter Naperville, IL ------------- Media name: Robert Lochmann Company name: Radio X (Frankfurt), DJ Jazzmadass Date: 2007-08-09 Feedback: Thanks for this beautiful, funny and highly recommendable album. I presented it in my recent radioshow and here is the playlist..... -------------- Media name: George Witham Company name: Wawatay Native Communications Date: 2007-07-23 Feedback: Very dark, mellow and warm. Yet lively, positive and refreshing. ME LIKES ! I love the way the stand-up bass was captured. Perfect!..... I love working out to this stuff too man. I have this on our radio station playing in the morning 5-9 AM and after hours. THanks George Witham Wawatay Radio Timmins, Ontario ------------ Media name: Jacques Emond Company name: Jazzart Productions Date: 2007-07-21 Feedback: I had never heard of Scott Earl Holman before. I found his new CD very nice, very soulfull with many musical surprises. I've already played the CD on my radio show and will certainly play it again often. Good job by all. I also think that the name Scott Earl Holman is a name to remember. Jacques Emond CKCU-FM ----- Media name: Claude Colpaert Company name: Radio Campus Date: 2007-06-28 Feedback: "noble one" by scott earl holman on the air in my program "jazz à l'âme", radio campus north of france ( 19th around 7 pm. all the best, claude colpaert. ---------- Media name: perrichon jacques Company name: RADIO PLURIEL 91.5 Date: 2007-06-27 Feedback: Scott Earl Holman bonjour, thank you for such a nice album I really enjoyed. I already added it to my WJAZ broadcast playlist on RADIO PLURIEL 91.5FM in France, plus worldwide INTERNET via our web site, You can see my last 25/06/07 broadcast playlist on the WJAZ blog also: Kind regards, Jacques Perrichon for WJAZ. --------- WRRG-FM (88.9FM). Posted by Tom Macek | Scott, We are playing (and enjoying tremendously) your "Live @ Delaney & Murphy's" disc and look forward to adding your "Don't Wake the Kids" re-release. Just a bit about our show, as we try to keep jazz alive on the radio in Chicago: "The Jazzarena," Where Jazz Lives: Sundays 5:00PM-10:00PM on WRRG-FM (88.9FM). Jazz from all eras, mostly mainstream, big band and be bop. Our studio line is: (708) 583-3110. Thanks, Scott! Best of luck!”

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