LARRY SMITH , FAMED CHICAGO JAZZ DJ(WBEZ 91.5) wrote ... Actually, this powerful work of art could be called a tone poem, a jazz mass, or an Ode to God. Pianist-Composer Scott Earl Holman has given us strong, thought provoking, subtle, origional compositions based on the concept of " Don't wake the kids." Performing with dramatic tension of time and space of Ahmad Jamal, coupled with the strength and provocative ideas of Mcoy Tyner and voicings that tend to rival Bill Evans, Holman displays great melodic invention from start to finish. The session begins with the haunting "The Lord's Cause." The next selection features the nimble thump of bass master Pawel Jarzebski. Holman's solo on "the Thought" demonstrates the meticulous performer he is and that his command of the piano forte ranks among the best. "Marching in His Band" is introduced by drum wizard Rusty Jones. His skillful work on the snare drum will surely make you smile. "waiting to See" is an unusual piece. It is a nine-bar composition with a melody stated three times, and allows for no solos. This is followed by an even more unusual piece called " The Smile." It affords bassman Jarzebski a real opportunity to stretch out , to be heard to advantage, or maybe to be discovered.It is a two measure tune. Scott Earl Holman is an insightful artist. He has chosen two brilliant musicians who are sympathetic to his cause in this worthy undertaking. Rusty Jones and Pawel Jarzebski perform with great power and precision and are able to compliment anyone's rhythm section. While you are sitting in your living room enjoying this magnificent work of art, be sure to keep the volume low; that way you not wake the kids.” - Larry Smith

— Host of Wbez Jazz Forum Chicago

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chicago chop house

chicago chop house, 60 west ontario, chicago, il

Chicago Chop House 5pm - 8 pm

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chicago chop house

chicago chop house, 60 west grand, chicago, il

Chicago Chop HouseChicago Chop House 5pm - 8pm

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Chicago Chop House

Chicago Chop House, 60 W. Ontario, Chicago, Il.

Chicago Chop House


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